Carpentry services for all types of roofs in Montreal and the North Shore

R. Gauthier Couvreur Inc. is a licensed roofing company with skilled crews able to carry out any carpentry and wood work related to your roofing work. In addition, we have all the necessary equipment to accomplish the task at hand, in compliance with industry standards and building codes.

Carpentry for shingle roofs

When replacing asphalt shingles or perhaps steel shingles, our crews will remove and replace all rotted wood and safeguard the structure to be sound. It may become necessary to reinforce the roof structure by replacing the plywood sheets along the surface of the roof, notre équipe remplace tout le bois pourri et assure une stabilité conforme de la structure. Le renforcement du pontage existant peut être nécessaire par l’ajout de contreplaqué sur toute la surface de votre toit afin de solidifier la structure existante.

Carpentry for flat roofs

Built up roofs, better known as tar and gravel roofs as well as flat elastomeric membrane roofs often require carpentry work in order to ensure an optimal result. We provide quality workmanship whether to solidify the roof structure, replace parapets, cornice or correct inadequate attic ventilation.

Put us to the test

Consider adding a decorative gable above the entrance to your home as we replace your roof. Our skilled crews are up to any challenge. Seldom do roofing companies offer their clients custom carpentry services. Call our experts without further delay so that we can assess your project and provide professional advice on materials best to use.

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