R. Gauthier Couvreur Inc : Experts in the installation of elastomeric roofing membranes in Montreal and the North Shore.

Being a Jack of all trades clearly doesn’t qualify one to carry out this type of complex roofing work. Specific installation techniques of elastomeric membranes require the use of blowtorches and precise knowledge. Trust only our qualified installers to install your elastomeric roofing membrane.

IKO elastomeric roofing membrane installation

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Soprema elastomeric roofing membrane installation

membrane élastomère

Elastomeric roofing membranes are widely used of flat roofs in the Montreal area and the North Shore.

For over 40 years now this tried and tested product consists of two layers of membranes bonded together, one being the base membrane and the other a granulated layer, available in several colours. A SBS modified bitumen membrane provides an exceptional uniform coverage with little required maintenance.


Advantages of an elastomeric membrane roof

  • Its lifespan makes it a widely used product
  • Highly resistant and provides an exceptional uniform coverage making it an excellent investment
  • Suitable for flat roofs and low pitched sloped roofs
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Perfectly suited to counter the urban heat island effect
  • Certified LEED (IRS81)
  • Available in several colours

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Our experts can guide you in choosing the proper roof covering according to your needs and your budget. Should you have any questions or wish to obtain a free estimate, call us now.

R. Gauthier Couvreur Inc. A certified company

R. Gauthier Couvreur Inc. is a qualified installer and certified for the installation and upkeep of your elastomeric roofing membrane. We can provide you with the peace of mind of a job well done.

Reducing the urban heat island effect; A white roof

Given the latest guidelines in force, consider reducing the urban heat island effect by having R Gauthier Couvreur inc. install a white roof which complies with environmental standards and municipal requirements.

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Please call us for repairs to your elastomeric membrane roof. Your roof should be cared for by a professional and well established roofing company. Trust us to do the work right for you!

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