Metal roofing, a quintessential investment for your roof

Also known as steel shingles, this is by far the perfect roofing solution which offers a durability which may last as long as 50 years. We’ve accomplished numerous installations of steel shingle roofs thanks to our skillful tinsmiths who have expertly mastered the art of metal roof installations. In addition to the attractive look, metal roofing offers several interesting advantages;


Advantages of a metal roof

Metal roofing is completely recyclable, thus environmentally friendly
UV resistant and weather resistant
Fire resistant and high wind resistant
Extremely light weight
Resists snow build-up as well as being rigid and durable
Choose from a variety of colours

Plusieurs choix de couleurs sont disponibles

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A brief history of metal roofing

Many century-old homes still standing today, which make up our lovely urban and rural heritage, have steel roofs. Prior to the Second World War, metal roofs were widely used. However, with the onset of the War, steel was in short supply. This gave way to rather lesser attractive materials, albeit more affordable, for decades to come.

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R Gauthier Couvreur a roofing firm that is qualified and certified for the
replacement and installation of metal roofs. Your trust in our company to carry out the
work right will provide you with the peace of mind that your roof is sturdy and durable.

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